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Don C., Capitan, New Mexico - Breakthrough 2

It just blows my mind when I think about all the years that went by never going out back because there was nowhere to sit and nothing to do back there. Every Summer I thought about it, the wife and I would talk about it, but we never did anything. It's funny but it was just this one sunset, the sky was just blazing pink as I was driving home and I went out back to take a photo of it, and I stood out there and thought about all the sunsets I was missing. The full moon began to rise just then, this giant orb taking up half the sky. I thought to myself, "How many more times will I see the full moon rise?" I didn't even consult my wife like I do about most things, I just went inside and searched for a pergola. I just wanted to commit to enjoying my one precious life more, and I was so happy to see that "Buy Now" button I just gave them my information and that started the ball rolling so that it happened. Now I have a whole relationship with the sky, I know when the meteor showers are and I have dinner ready in time for the sunset. I feel like I wasted so many years sitting in my living room cut off from so much beauty just a few yards away, it's ridiculous. My wife and I are in our 70s and we feel we're finally living our best lives. Thanks, Breakthrough Engineering, we love our pergola!

Duane A., Atlanta, Georgia - Breakthrough 6

We originally got our new pergola to give us some privacy in our hot tub, we didn't realize how much it was going to change everything. We decided to get the Breakthrough 6 so that we'd have enough space to put in a couch and tables as well, and they included a movie screen and speakers so that we could watch films out there. Well now it's rare a night goes by when we aren't "tubbing and a movie!" The speakers are so nice we can watch a film from our hot tub, and when we wanna get out and lay on the couch it's just so nice to be totally naked under the stars in our backyard, with complete privacy under our Spyglass windows! We always feel like we're "getting away with something" but really we're just being the natural animals we were born to be! Drinking wine and breathing that fresh air from the sky, our only care is how long we can last in the tub until we go to lounge on the couch. This is THE LIFE!!!

Lucio, F., North Bend, Washington - Breakthrough 4

Love our pergola! No complaints, everything was easy from the install to the app.

Sabrina J., Seattle, Washington - Breakthrough 4

We really never spent any time in our backyard until my wife suggested we get a pergola. I'm so happy we chose Breakthrough because they made the whole process so easy! The guys came and set everything up and we were hanging out in it that night! Our golden retriever Lucy just loves hanging out with us outside all afternoon, we've got her bed out here now and she's always bringing us sticks to throw. It feels so good to come home and relax outside instead of going from the office to another enclosed room. Best investment ever!

Joshua M., Los Angeles, California - Breakthrough 3

Sitting inside my house all day I really never realized how much wildlife is right outside my door. I've become a birdwatcher from buying my Breakthrough pergola! I hung up a hummingbird feeder and have gotten some of the best photos of my life! Every weekend I look forward to watching what's happening in my backyard - falcons, scrub jays - there's even a flock of parrots that passes through sometimes! Haha I'm glad I got this aluminum pergola instead of the wood because with all these birds around it's good to know my pergola isn't ever getting dirty or harmed. Really this pergola has been lifechanging. I stare at screens all day it's so nice to watch reality and the beauty of nature when I get home.

Gabe M., Gastonia, North Carolina - Breakthrough 5

I like to tell everyone I built my pergola, because they look at it and are so impressed. I don't tell them I just told Breakthrough Engineering exactly how I wanted it and they designed it all for me! Breakthrough Engineering made it so simple, and now when I invite friends over for bbq it doesn't matter what the weather does, we have fun no matter what! I only wish I'd thought of this sooner.

Roky E., Dallas, Texas - Breakthrough 2

Our oldest was to the age where he just wanted to watch cartoons all day long and the constant noise was suffocating me in my own home. I got interested in the idea of getting him outside more but our lawn just wasn't enticing enough. We added a pergola and a new puppy and now it's happily ever after our lives are changed.

Alex C., Memphis, Tennessee - Breakthrough 2

We got the Breakthrough 2, we just wanted some shade by the pool and to make our backyard nicer - good investment, we have tables and pool chairs out there now underneath it and we go relax out there even when we're not swimming. It looks really good and feels nice back there even in the middle of the day.

Raz S., Cooke City, Montana - Breakthrough 3

Everything I hoped! Wish I'd done this years ago.

Sandy S., Welches, Oregon - Breakthrough 4

I just had a baby, and I decided I didn't want to be one of those Moms who just plops her son in front of the TV all day. I love our Breakthrough pergola so much, when he's in my lap I don't even have to get up to adjust the shutters to keep him shaded and safe. Butterflies come land on him and delight him, my focus is always on him, it's really perfect for these precious days full of firsts. I am just so happy we decided to get our pergola, it really is the heart of our home now.

Mario B., Ceder Key, Florida - Breakthrough 6

We could never understand why they built our house without a front porch. We have a beautiful view of the Gulf and we were trying to figure out how to add a porch so we could enjoy it better and ended up realizing a pergola would be perfect! I come home only to grab a beer and head right back out front to relax. Our cats and dogs love it, we all watch the sun rise over the bay with coffee each day, we really love how we have our nice couch right out front when the neighbors go by and then we can shut all the glass and shutters and lock up at night. Just a dream.

Deric C., Chicago, IL - Breakthrough 5

There's only a few precious months of Summer in this town, BBQ while you can! Good communication, great deal.

Jess F., Jekyll Island, Georgia - Custom Breakthroughs

I host a lot of parties. I started with one pergola from Breakthrough and now I have four. When people come over they don't even think about going into our house, they just wander up and make themselves comfortable. It's a very easy atmosphere. My mansion used to get filthy after parties but now it's clean every day because there's no reason to leave the beach, it's all there in the pergolas.

Paul S., Eugene, Oregon - Breakthrough 5

The rain guard is so cool. Feels like it's so high-tech it's so impressive when I'm inside watching TV and I notice it's raining I start feeling panicked about all the stuff I've left outside and I go out there and it's all closed up like magic! It took me a month to get used to it! But now I trust it and I know everything out there is safe. It's so cool it makes me feel like I'm one of the Jetsons! I really look forward to my sunny days out there.

Clysta M., Sante Fe, New Mexico - Breakthrough 4

We have a big deck with a great view but we could only use it in the morning before the sun's bearing down on us. Kept thinking it was a waste so we started looking into pergolas. Breakthrough Engineering made it so easy to cover our space and now we're on the deck more than inside. I work from home and sitting out there with my laptop feels so peaceful I should have done this years ago.

Bob S., Kerman, California - Breakthrough 3

I've been talking about growing a food garden out in the yard for years. But I'd go out there and realize I'd be sitting in the sun when I took breaks or checked on it, and building it was going to be a hassle without any shade to take rest in. I looked at umbrellas but knew they wouldn't last through the years and I planned to have my garden the rest of my life. We got our Breakthrough pergola and set up chairs and tables and now we eat the salads I grow out back and we're out there every single day now. It's as if we only go inside when we need to sleep. I didn't expect this to be so life-changing, but having a place to relax and contemplate my garden is the most peaceful and joyous part of my life now. I'm constantly adding herbs and new plots to grow new veggies in, we just grew our first pumpkins for Halloween and having the kids carve our own pumpkins under our pergola is a memory we'll all carry with us forever.

Kathryn B., San Carlos, California - Breakthrough 5

You know, the photos of the glass walls looked so cool my husband wanted to get the glass, but I insisted on the shutters so we got glass for the entry and shutters on the sides. Our pergola is a dream! It looks so classy and the shutters allow the breeze to come in and we can enjoy the wisteria in the fresh air all evening! When the sun is up I can tilt the shutters so we're never too hot, and in the evening we can still leave them a little open for fresh air with the heater on. We have breakfast out here now, and it's where we head when we return home.

Tyler F. Bonnie Springs, Nevada - Breakthrough 6

The Sun is brutal out here and when we're not working we tend to hide inside. It's so pretty here though we figured it was no way to raise the kids. We wanted a place to BBQ and spend family time outside after work and our pergola has just been the best. We love watching the sun set on the red rocks out h ere and it's great to have an outdoor living room we can close up when it gets dark but still let the stars in. Breakthrough Engineering was so easy to work with, we've told all our friends to give them a call.



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