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Hand-Crafted From Scratch, Just For You!

Whether you want a small garden pergola in your backyard, an entire open air living room or a spacious commercial grade pergula that can fit tens of thousands of people, we can build almost anything you want. Just tell us what you're looking for, and we will build it for you.

Building your custom dream pergola is a very easy process.All you have to do is click on the Buy Now button (to the left), put down a 50% deposit, and we will work with you to create your dream pergola.

Breakthrough Engineering™ makes some of the best pergolas in the world. We understand that some customers want the finest things in life. They desire a Breakthrough Engineering™ Pergola that is unmatched in luxury, utility, efficiency, and personalization. With this in mind, we offer Breakthrough Engineering's Custom-Made, Hand-Crafted Pergolas from scratch. Whether you are looking for a pergola that is attached to your house, or you want to build an entire restaurant with a sprawling pergola, we can help you create your dream Breakthrough Pergola™.

Call us today to place your order. One of our technicians will take down the measurements needed to create your pergola. They’ll help you determine the specifications that fit your needs. What’s more, we have several models that are perfect starting points for most people. We will help you throughout the customization process and hold your hand through every step of the process. Because everything is made from scratch, it does take two months. However, we are sure you'll love your Hand-Built, Custom Pergola.

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Only 50% Deposit Needed Upfront

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In a Nutshell

The first standardized smart pergola engineered to help you live your best outdoor life, in luxury, with style.

Fine Print

Because we work with contractors, we cannot accept orders larger than 2. Orders larger than 2 must pay full price. Specials limited to 2.

Warranty: All of our pergolas come with a 5 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your pergola, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE.**

The price is heavily discounted for the month of June. Purchase now while prices are still low. Every 2 weeks the price will increase because our supplies are very limited. Enjoy the deals and call us at (818) 583-8645 with any questions you may have.

Our Development Process

We want you to have the most cleverly designed pergola possible to fit your vision. We want you to feel like your pergola is truly handmade, for you and only you. If you’re looking for different sized beams to post on an unusual yard, or an extended design that wraps around your house, or an addition to your restaurant, Breakthrough Engineering will make sure you’re taken care of. We can make almost anything you desire.

Breakthrough Engineering is owned by Medical Breakthrough®, a research firm that focuses only on products that improve your quality of life. We only focus on a few products so that we can perfect them for our customers. We design saunas from scratch as well, inventing tools that heal; our engineers had their first breakthrough creating the first medically beneficial massage chair. Our business is create beautiful designs that improve your life.

Industrial Grade Materials

When we started making custom pergolas for our customers we had to make sure our materials and practices were unmatched by our competitors. Comfort, style, durability, and personalization are our top priorities when making each custom-made Breakthrough bioclimatic pergola. We know our customers will only accept the highest quality materials. Our pergolas have withstood and passed the Miami-Dade code.

Rainwater drainage tested up to 9 inches per hour

Wind resistance tested up to 112mph at Class 6

Load resistance tested up to 660 pounds

Snow load up to 50lbs per foot

It's our mission to help you improve your body, mind, and soul with our pergolas. There’s no point in getting a pergola if it doesn't make you want to spend time outside daily, and we know immersing yourself in the outdoor lifestyle is healing on every level. We love building beautiful things that lift you to a higher quality of life. We'll guide you through the entire process to make your pergola as beneficial as possible. Call us today!



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