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The first standardized smart pergola engineered to help you live your best outdoor life, in luxury, with style.

Fine Print

Because we work with contractors, we cannot accept orders larger than 2. Orders larger than 2 must pay full price. Specials limited to 2.

Warranty: All of our pergolas come with a 5 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your pergola, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE.**

The price is heavily discounted for the month of March. Purchase now while prices are still low. Every 2 weeks the price will increase because our supplies are very limited. Enjoy the deals and call us at (818) 583-8645 with any questions you may have.


Model: Breakthrough 2™ Breakthrough 3™ Breakthrough 4™ Breakthrough 5™
Size Up to 8 x 8 Up to 10 x 10 Up to 12 x 12 Up to 12 x 20
Anything larger can be
custom made
The World's First Automated Outdoor Living Room™ Automated Ceiling 1
Automated Wall
Up to 3
Automated Walls
Up to 4
Automated Walls
Work Directly With Designer to build your dream outdoor living room.
Home Value Multiplier
Luxurious Ceiling Louvers™
LED Extreme Weatherproof Lighting System™
100% Rain Proof Ceiling

N6 Grade Pergola™, able to withstand N6 level winds!

Easy to Clean System™
Fireproof Aluminum™
BioClimatic Living
Chromatic Therapy™
Breakthrough Engineering Gutters™
1 Wall - Automated Outdoor Living Room™
Luxurious Louvers™ Wall  
170° Shutter/Louver Rotation  
Built-In Weaterproof Fan  
Automated Motorized Breakthrough Louvers™  
Up to 3 Sides Modern Pergola™    
Ultra-Thick Windscreen™    
Ultra-Wide Windscreen™    
Ultra-Adjustable Luxurious Louvers™    
App Control    
4 Sided Modern Pergola™      
Sliding Doors      
Full Spectrum Heaters™      
Ultra-Thick Tempered Glass Doors™      
Automatic Rain Sensor System™      
Waterproof/Windproof System™      
Alexa - Full Integration      
Google Home - Full Integration      
With our Breakthrough 3 Pergola you'll have one side of your bioclimatic pergola with a wall made of louvers that can be opened or closed to your whim, or if you prefer, a retractable screen to tame the wind and hamper the sun. Control your sunshine & create another room in your home, all while raising the value of your property.

Let the Sun Breakthrough!™





Many companies only use shutters that rotate to 130 degrees, but ours pivot to 170°, so you can fine tune how much shade you'd like to enjoy. Set new boundaries between shadows and clarity, create new interplays of light, sculpt the sun. You're finally free to create your own interplay of shadow and light by swiveling each slat of your bioclimatic patio cover as far as you desire. Choosing to cover your terrace should not mean losing light and comfort. With an umbrella, patio cover or awning all the sun is blocked out underneath, making you cold which defeats the purpose of spending time outside. The bioclimatic pergola captures light while providing solar protection, natural ventilation and protection against bad weather.



The Breakthrough Pergola 5 includes a fan that has variable speeds and is controlled with a touch of your phone. Most other companies will make you go find your own fan, you may not know if it fits and looks right with your pergola. Some companies will find you fans that aren't weather-resistant and are going to break their first year. Our fans are built to last, we always use quality components in everything we make at Breakthrough Engineering.

It has a light in it's center so if you want a gentler light other than your LED wraparound lighting you now have that option. Or turn on both for extra lighting when you need it. You can always fine tune your comfort in your Breakthrough Pergola 5. Of course if you prefer your pergola's ceiling to be unbroken and only louvers we won't include it, everything in your pergola is customizable and your choice.



Alternatively, if you prefer that sunbrella effect in a 360 scenario you can fine tune exactly how much fresh air and sunshine can break in to your space with our interlocking shutters (louvers) surrounding you - each side panel able to open out exactly as much as you please. This is such a great option for when you're spending the whole day in your pergola - you can shadow the sun as it crosses the sky exactly to your desire.



Breakthrough Engineering's LED Extreme Weatherproof Lighting System™ is the world's first LED lighting system engineered to be fully functional during the hottest summer and freezing temperatures, withstand winds up to 30 mph, that do not move or get damaged. While our competitor's lights get tangled and need to be replaced once a year, ours are extremely durable and will last more than a decade.



Louvers are more advanced than shutters. Shutters are slats that lay on top of one another in a row, because of their simple, classic design they can't guarantee being waterproof. Some rain will get in with the classic shutter design. Breakthrough Engineering's Louvers™ on the other hand, are interlocking components that seal out all possibility of rain or snow seeping through. They are designed in an S shape, and when they close it's like when you take your closed fingers and interlock them with your other hand with closed fingers - a strong safe bond you can trust.

Our Breakthrough Engineering Luxurious Louvers™ are designed to channel the rain water away down their secret flush through the beams to the ground below with cleverly designed slats that funnel and sort the rain so there are no waterfalls coming off your pergola to douse you like other companies. Our smooth, beautiful Luxurious Louvers™ will stand the test of time - your lifetime, taming the sun for you just the way you desire, providing endless beauty.



Professor Stephen Westland of Leeds University is the Chair of Color Science and Technology for two decades now, and he's arguably the foremost scholar in advancing psychophysics - the science of quantifying human perceptual response to physical stimuli - in the realm of color.

He's made it clear that just like the ear is not only responsible for hearing but also for balance, the eye has two receptors as well, and one is not even visual! Part of our eye absorbs different wavelengths and processes that information in ways that regulate our sleep cycles and mood.

Breakthrough Engineering has become enchanted with colorplay, and how Professor Westland's studies have proven that color can actually affect your heart rate, mood, alertness and even impulsivity. Blue calms the nervous system, so in the evening when the sun has set, you may choose to stay outside under your pergola and set the tone with a soothing azure hue. Green reduces stress if work or the kids have put a strain on you, and pink may even lower your blood pressure!

Play with romance under your pergola by selecting a red glow, because her heart literally will skip a beat according to science, as red gently increases heart rate and brings a heightened alertness: a passionate mood.

Most of all, play with your new color palette! Be an artist of mood, of mind, of body! Explore which colors make you feel joyful, sensual or relaxed. Learn more about your friends and family while you giggle, discussing how colors make them feel. Breakthrough Engineering's Chromatic Therapy is yet another feature that sets us apart from the rest, because we want you to absolutely love your pergola.



Bioclimatic architecture is a way of designing with the aim of ensuring thermal comfort using environmental resources. The structure must also blend into the natural surroundings.

The main aims of bioclimatic architecture are to create healthy, comfortable spaces for the inhabitants of these structures, while respecting the environment. To do this, it is essential to avoid using polluting materials, ensure the wellbeing of local biodiversity and make efficient use of energy, building materials, water and other resources.

There are many kinds of bioclimatic structures, but Breakthrough Engineering's louvered aluminum pergolas are the epitome of bioclimatic alignment. There is virtually no footprint in using natural, abundant aluminum, and the open air shelter achieves natural thermal comfort as finely-tuned as man has ever seen. Automated and silent, the shape of our Luxurious Louvers means that air will naturally curve and refresh to keep us healthy. The user takes advantage of the external elements such as wind and sunlight in a completely natural manner. Our pergolas' structuring meets resistance and lightness requirements, even in climatic conditions with significant temperate changes, salty air or constant wind.

Breakthroughs in research have resulted in the findings that man's strongest desire is to be in bioclimatic spaces with open enclosures where man feels protected, while connected to fresh air and earth. Our pergolas fulfil this most basic, primal need to link ourselves with nature while feeling sheltered and safe at home. We have created our pergolas to bring humans to their most peaceful, fulfilled state of mind. The epitome of relaxation.



We have designed a hidden drainage system for every Breakthrough Pergola. The rain pools to the hidden rain gutters within the roof, where it flows to the side gutters and into the posts, where it flushes out through the bottom of the posts so that your pergola is entirely unaffected by the weather and never splashes you with runoff.



Our aluminum is powder-coated so you'll never have to worry about cleaning it. Our technology layers your pigment so deeply your color will be indestructable. We offer five different colors for our standard pergolas, these are our most chosen colors that blend easily with most habitats. Custom orders have infinite options of colors, so spin a color wheel and choose jacaranda or scarlet or whatever you desire if you're going to personalize your pergola.



We don't use flimsy rolled aluminum, we use heavy duty, aerospace-grade extruded beams that our architects designed to stay durable through years of movement and weather. They will withstand heavy snow and hurricanes. Our cleverly-designed slats whisk the rain away and respond to your repositioning decades from now just as easily as they did the first day you bought your Breakthrough Pergola. Powder coated aluminium cannot rust and is extremely resistant to deterioration; virtually maintenance-free.

Pergolas that are prone to rot can be a liability when trying to sell a house. We understand that you only want to invest in a structure that will add value to your home. Breakthrough Pergolas will multiply the value of your home, because you are essentially adding another room to your house, and it's built to last for lifetimes to come.



Many companies use wood or composite or PVC composite, which all burn as if it were their purpose for existing. All of those components are made to burn - but aluminum is nearly impossible to catch fire. View our video of a composite vs aluminum test in the videos below. Imagine spending thousands on an investment only to watch it perish in flames.

Aluminum is so hard to burn you could burn coals on top of it and they'll just fizzle out. It's what NASA uses in their rockets, after all, to withstand the heat and pressure of take off and re-entry into space. With all the wildfires burning across the nation in these times, let Breakthrough Engineering remove that worry. When a firefighter comes to save the day, their very hoses are made with extruded aluminum - the part they hold on to and direct at the fire is made of the same material we use.



Breakthrough Pergolas™ are designed, developed, and hand assembled in the USA, and we ship them directly from our Southern California factory. We work with local architects and engineers who have the same desire we do—to create your new favorite room in your home, increasing your property value and bringing your family joy for years to come. We accept nothing less than perfection so we are in control of the product from start to finish; we don't allow any middlemen to compromise our vision. You can purchase our pergolas directly from us with confidence, knowing that you're getting an unmatched product.



Many times when you work with a company, their sales is American, and they promise you the moon. But then after your purchase if anything is amiss, you go to call this "American" company and sure enough you're trying to explain your situation to someone halfway around the world, outsourced for a tenth of the cost of hiring American workers all so the CEO can line his pockets. When you call into Breakthrough Engineering to discuss your pergola or receive customer service, you will be calling our office in Santa Clarita, California. The hard-earned money you invest in your home should be honored end-to-end and you will always work only with our office here in beautiful Southern California.

1. How tall will my pergola be?

The standard height for our pergolas is 8 feet. For aesthetic purposes we can do custom builds up to 10 feet, but of course the standard height is going to maximize your ability to control the sun.

2. Can it be attached to a host structure?

We can get extremely creative with these kinds of designs! We can attach two beams to a wall and give you coverage for whatever length you please; we can even go beamless and attach our Luxurious Louvers between two structures! Call us to learn more.

3. What is the maximum size my pergola can be with 4 posts?

Your Breakthrough 5 can be up to 16x20 - if you want a larger size pergola you'll want to look at our Breakthrough 6, which adds another 2 posts to double the size of your pergola, or 4 posts to triple the size, and so forth. We can always do custom designs as well to any build you wish, just give us a call.

4. Can you make all the louvers slide back so the entire roof is open?

This is going to be a custom option, because the standard design for this effect is not waterproof and we want to always ensure your belongings are safe from the elements at our baseline. We can do this design waterproof as well but it does cost more so call us for a quote on what you're interested in.

5. Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer full financing options to all who qualify. Begin enjoying open air culture immediately, starting for less than a new car payment.

6. What is your warranty?

Our warranty extends to a 15-year warranty on the structure, along with a 5-year warranty on the electronics.

7. How does the smart phone app work?

If your pergola is automated it will sync to Bluetooth, and the app lets you adjust the angle of the pitch from fully open on through whichever angle you desire for partial shade and airflow, and you can fully close the louvers as well. You can also direct the smart sensors to determine how your system performs automatically in the wind, rain and extreme temperatures. You can turn your lights off and on, your fan off and on, your heater off and on and even your movie screen and speakers should you invest in a Breakthrough 6. Enjoy full control with the swipe of your finger, or voice activation through Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Steven S., Cincinnati, OH - Breakthrough 3

I thought this was going to be a waste of money, my wife kept saying to get one and I finally did for her birthday, really didn't expect us to spend any time in it I thought she would forget about it, but now we're out there every day. She keeps making it nicer with her little garden and the flowers and it's really just good to be outside all the time.

Kelly P., Honolulu, HI - Breakthrough 3

It's perfect for our pool. We used to not want to get out because the sun was unrelenting and we were pruning up every time we went out there haha :) but now we have our hangout spot, all shady and we can drop our windscreen down in the afternoon when the sun starts blasting in the side - it was cool how Isaiah helped us figure out how to face our pergola and where to put the windscreen so when the sun sets in the West we're protected.

Joshua M., Los Angeles, California - Breakthrough 3

Sitting inside my house all day I really never realized how much wildlife is right outside my door. I've become a birdwatcher from buying my Breakthrough pergola! I hung up a hummingbird feeder and have gotten some of the best photos of my life! Every weekend I look forward to watching what's happening in my backyard - falcons, scrub jays - there's even a flock of parrots that passes through sometimes! Haha I'm glad I got this aluminum pergola instead of the wood because with all these birds around it's good to know my pergola isn't ever getting dirty or harmed. Really this pergola has been lifechanging. I stare at screens all day it's so nice to watch reality and the beauty of nature when I get home.

Amber H., Austin, TX - Breakthrough 3

We had to wait almost a year for our puppy to arrive so in the meantime we looked into pergolas so we could be comfortable out back while we trained him. Breakthrough Engineering was great, we thought we were just going to get the basic one but Josh reminded us the sun comes in the sides in the late afternoon when we're training Farley so we got the louvers on the side and it almost feels like every afternoon we're grateful we made the right choice with that! It's so good to let Farley run around and we have a place to relax out there with him, he's a happy boy and we're happy too!

Jill Y., Red Hook, NY - Breakthrough 3

I'm a bird lover, and I've always had a dream of my backyard being a place where I could get the birds to come eat off my hands. I knew I'd need to spend time outside to make them feel comfortable enough - I've always had bird feeders and would take photos through the windows or try to stand far away, but now that I'm in my backyard so much they began to understand I'm where the food comes from, and they would see me setting it out and standing near and it's only been two months but last week I had my first bird take seeds from my fingers while he sat on the feeder and yesterday I got one to land on my palm and eat and today two of them came!! This is what it's all about, connecting with nature!

Ellie G., Uvalde, TX - Breakthrough 3

Serenity. The whole world goes away, and these days that's everything.

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Breakthrough Engineering Burn Test

Breakthrough Engineering Aluminum Pergolas

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Below are LIVE ratings so you can see for yourself how we are doing. We know you have lots of choices, please call us at (818) 583-8645 if you think we could do better.

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